Past and


Our vines grow in ancient soil.
Steeped in history, tradition, flavour and all things genuine.
Uncontaminated soil that has been organic since before “organic” was a thing.
It is here that the old farm of the village of Sorrivoli stood in the 19th century, providing sustenance for the whole of the neighbouring community. And it is here, in the adjacent woods, that its well was found and recovered, reinstating it in its place in our story.
That story which inspires our desire to make excellent quality wines with absolute respect for the environment and terroir.
A story worth telling and passing on, to be told by future generations after us.

A Terroir with

a Long-standing Vocation

Unique Vineyards

The soils that are home to our vines have always had a vocation for agriculture and for viticulture in particular. Perfectly exposed to the sun and protected by ten hectares of woodland, our vineyards form a veritable green lung.
All the work carried out in the vineyard is performed strictly by hand, in soils made of layers of sand, clay and tufa rock sediments.

Among all our vineyards, there is one that is special… having been planted in the 1960s. The vines are a particular, or perhaps we should say unique, type of Sangiovese, from which we have succeeded in taking cuttings for use in future grafting.

All these particular elements come together in this unique terroir to make our vineyards very special.


Respect, Quality


Our wines are absolutely natural. Vineyard operations carried out tstrictly by hand, together with the use of state-of-the-art technology, enable us to produce wines without allergens and without the addition of sulphites or chemical agents, as proven by the sediment in the bottle. Only 4% of the world’s wineries operate in this way and this is a source of great pride for us. We have fully embraced the philosophy of organic farming and firmly believe that making the most of the land is the best way to promote the expression of the finest characteristics of our vines. We concentrate all our efforts on just a few wines, in an ongoing quest for quality.





Madame Titì