Made up of Contact

We can’t always guarantee that the colour will be ruby red, ours is a natural wine. We can’t guarantee that there will be no sediment at the bottom of the bottle, ours is a natural wine.
We can guarantee that there are no added sulphites or allergens, ours is a natural wine.

Now close your eyes, take a sip and imagine a better world. This is our philosophy – natural, like the earth, which is a gift to everyone and which we hope everyone will work hard to preserve.


The Story

of a Family

Our vines grow in ancient soil.
Steeped in history, tradition, flavour and all things genuine.
Uncontaminated soil that has been organic since before “organic” was a thing.
It is here that the old farm of the village of Sorrivoli stood in the 19th century, providing sustenance for the whole of the neighbouring community. And it is here, in the adjacent woods, that its well was found and recovered, reinstating it in its place in our story.
That story which inspires our desire to make excellent quality wines with absolute respect for the environment and terroir.
A story worth telling and passing on, to be told by future generations after us.





Madame Titì