Romagna Sangiovese Superiore Riserva D.O.C. - 2018

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From Organic Farming 2018 – 14%

Red wine made from a selection of the finest grapes of the vintage. Our goal is to pursue and achieve a wine of excellence, which means that we cannot guarantee the production of Perimea every year.


Grape varieties: Organic grapes, with no allergens and no added sulphites.

Vinification: organic grapes from the estate’s finest varieties are selected to be withered in crates, in a ventilated room, for about fifteen days, to favour their partial dehydration, without the formation of mould, allowing the concentration of the sugars and the softening of the tannins. The grapes then undergo a second selection process before pressing. Vinification takes place on-site, with no allergens and no added sulphites, and starts with a must obtained from pressing, which rests for at least ten days on skins. The resulting wine is aged in steel tanks for two months and then for a further six months in French oak tonneaux, during which it acquires smoothness and an elegant spiciness. The wine completes its ageing process lying horizontally in the bottle, with a natural cork closure, at an altitude of 1000 metres, where it spends at least eighteen months before being served.

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Place of cultivation and vinification

Sorrivoli di Roncofreddo (FC), Emilia – Romagna, Italia

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