Together with the participation at ProWein 2018, The No.1 International Wine & Spirit Fair, AMARACMAND is launching a brand new interactive website and an amazing “Vintage 2017 Catalogue – MMXVIII” that will go along with the international premiere of its Organic Low Sulfites and Allergen-free Wines at the Düsseldorf fair, taking place the 18-19-20 of Mach 2018.

Both online at and on the “Vintage 2017 Catalogue – MMXVIII”, AMARACMAND is now offering to its wines’ lovers a 360° experience of its winemaking and vines-growing reality – made of patient and skillful hand, wild and flourishing natur, unique landscape, and lots of passion for the genuine and quality wines and an healthy lifestyle, respectful of the Environment.

The website will be soon enriched by lots of experiences regarding the constant research carried on by the AMARACMAND tea, but also the main international and Italian events and appointments, accompanied by the wonder of nature that is leading this Organic Wine Farm to the road to the next Vintage2018.

Taking the occasion of wishing its customers and its wines’ lovers a pleasant journey to the world of AMARACMAND, we will give the opportunity to our user to download the “Vintage 2017 Catalogue – MMXVIII”.

“Drink with style, drink healthy, drink AMARACMAND!!!”

See you soon


For the second consecutive year, the AMARACMAND Organic Wine Farm will exhibit at Düsseldorf ProWein 2018 (no.1 International Wine and Spirits Fair) , from Sunday, March the 18th to Tuesday, March the 20th, at the ORGANIC WORLD exhibition, Pavillion 13, Stand 13F 105-2.

During the whole event, AMARACMAND red and white organic wines belonging to vintage 2017 will be introduced for the first time to the international public.

This year’s announcements will regard a fully zero-sulfites and allergen-free range of organic red wines, together with the launch of Simpàtic, an elegant and gently sparkling white wine, of course organic and low-sulfite.

Just like its previous 2017 Prowein exhibition, AMARACMAND will be glad to offer its visitors a unique tasting experience with a range of typical and authentic food and wine pairing that will give a unique taste of the quality and genuinuty of AMARACMAND and its Region of Romagna, in the North-East side of Italy.

All the importers, wine dealers and quality restaurants holders are warmly welcome at AMARACMAND’s stand 13F 105-2. For further details and appointments please subscribe at

Amazing debut for AMARACMAND’s top 3 wines on the 2014-2015 Italian Sommelier Association’s prestigious “Emilia-Romagna to eat and drink” guide.

Only one year after its opening, the AMARACMAND® Winery made its own great debut on the 2014 -2015 edition of the prestigious Italian Sommelier Association’s food & wine guide known as “Emilia-Romagna to eat and drink”.

The AMARACMAND® top 3 wines – IMPERFETTO (Dry 2-year-aged Red) vintage 2012, NORMALE (Dry Vintage Red) vintage 2013 and AMARACMAND PAGADEBIT (Dry Still White) vintage 2013 – received the 2nd highest score in the Regional ranking of 5/6 points and appear next to Emilia-Romagna’s world famous quality D.O.P. foods such as the “Lambrusco” wine, the Parmesan cheese and the Tortellini hand-made pasta. At page 353, inside the “Vini del Cesenate” (Cesena area’s wines) section, the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) also recommends some superb suggestions for AMARACMAND® wines pairings with traditional unique and delicious Emila-Romagna foods.

That’s an overnight and brilliant success and a remarkable achievement for such a young wine farm but also a great honor for the AMARACMAND® company and brand that gave new energy and enthusiasm in order to reach higher achievements next year with the first certified-organic-vintage-year 2014.

The 2014 -2015 edition of the Italian Sommelier Association’s Emilia-Romagna to eat and drink” guide it is available in English and Italian at the following link:

and you can download it trough the link: