Amazing debut for AMARACMAND’s top 3 wines on the 2014-2015 Italian Sommelier Association’s prestigious “Emilia-Romagna to eat and drink” guide.

Only one year after its opening, the AMARACMAND® Winery made its own great debut on the 2014 -2015 edition of the prestigious Italian Sommelier Association’s food & wine guide known as “Emilia-Romagna to eat and drink”.

The AMARACMAND® top 3 wines – IMPERFETTO (Dry 2-year-aged Red) vintage 2012, NORMALE (Dry Vintage Red) vintage 2013 and AMARACMAND PAGADEBIT (Dry Still White) vintage 2013 – received the 2nd highest score in the Regional ranking of 5/6 points and appear next to Emilia-Romagna’s world famous quality D.O.P. foods such as the “Lambrusco” wine, the Parmesan cheese and the Tortellini hand-made pasta. At page 353, inside the “Vini del Cesenate” (Cesena area’s wines) section, the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) also recommends some superb suggestions for AMARACMAND® wines pairings with traditional unique and delicious Emila-Romagna foods.

That’s an overnight and brilliant success and a remarkable achievement for such a young wine farm but also a great honor for the AMARACMAND® company and brand that gave new energy and enthusiasm in order to reach higher achievements next year with the first certified-organic-vintage-year 2014.

The 2014 -2015 edition of the Italian Sommelier Association’s Emilia-Romagna to eat and drink” guide it is available in English and Italian at the following link:

and you can download it trough the link:

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